Dr. Jennifer Todd

Dr. Jennifer Todd


The Women Transcend podcast series was launched in December 2016. The idea grew out of a frustration from an avid podcast listener with the inability to find specific discussions on issues impacting women and girls, and in particular, a feminist perspective on current events at a time when this perspective is not only under attack, but desperately in need of amplification. The mission of the podcast, and the hope of the producer, is that we will raise issues and start conversations on issues that need to have more focus and attention. Because the future IS female, and we need to be ready.


Podcast Host - Jennifer Todd

Dr. Jennifer Todd has spent most of her professional life working to help causes related to women and girls. This has included working on programs which protect the health of women and girls for the US Federal Government, non-profits, and doing pro-bono work for state and local governments. 

Jennifer has a Doctor of Public Health degree, concentrating on community health and the health of women and children. She has studied American Indian and African American infant health and works to be sure that all children have a safe and healthy entry into this world, and a happy and safe childhood. She also has worked extensively in women's reproductive health, and equal access for all.  

Dr. Todd is politically active, advocating on behalf of policies that benefit and protect the vulnerable, and women and girls in particular.