2-14 SHOULD GIRLS WAKE UP PRETTY? GIRLS & MEDIA IDEALS: Discussion of what messages media give our girls vs. how powerful it could be if they received more positive and powerful messages.

2-13 HARASSMENT & WOMEN IN TECH: Behind the scenes discussion of the experience of women working in technology fields.

2-12 BRAVELY: TRAFFICKING & TRAUMA SURVIVORS: Powerful discussion about the recovery of women from sex trafficking, and the array of services needed to help them overcome trauma.

2-11 MODERN TRENDS IN CHILDBIRTH: Fascinating discussion on trends around childbirth, breastfeeding, and preparing for baby.

2-10 SEXUAL ABUSE AND INSUFFICIENT LABELS: Eye opening discussion on the rhetoric and language around sexual assault and labels which women either take or are assigned to them

2-9 FERTILITY, TECHNOLOGY, & ACKNOWLEDGING GRIEF PART 2: We continue our discussion of fertility, chasing parenthood, and the incredible technological advancements that introduce hope, as well as potential moral dilemmas

2-8 FERTILITY, TECHNOLOGY, & ACKNOWLEDGING GRIEF PART 1: We examine the issue of fertility and chasing parenthood, and the impact associated with difficulty conceiving.

2-7 WOMEN IN COMICS: IS WONDER WOMAN WONDERFUL? We discuss the portrayal of women in graphic novels, and highlight how comics can be a great way to get girls interested in reading.

2-6 HARASSMENT AND A SMILE: CONVERSATION WITH ACTOR REBECCA BLAINE CARTON: frank discussion of street harassment and a common female experience

2-5 TRUSTED SOURCES: SEXUALITY EDUCATION & OUR CHILDREN: engaging discussion about educating our children on sexuality and how to be critical consumers of information

2-4 SPECIAL EPISODE: CONTRACEPTION, RAPE & A BAD WEEK FOR WOMEN: We review a week which saw rollback of 4 major policies that protect women and girls

2-3 FOSTER CARE: INVISIBLE CHILDREN: raw and honest discussion about the foster care system and its "invisible children".

2-2 PARENTING GIRLS IN A PATRIARCHY: fascinating discussion about gender norms, stereotypes, & being a present parent

2-1 SLACKTIVISM: ARE YOU REALLY MAKING A DIFFERENCE?: frank discussion on how effective some forms of activism really are


30 RECUT; ARE LITTLE GIRLS GETTING TOO SEXY: discussion of the sexualization of young girls through beauty ideals

29 RECUT: PATRIARCHY, PARENTING & BOYS: discussion of the challenges of raising a boy to understand privilege in a patriarchy

28 RECUT: BODY IMAGE, FAT SHAMING & LOVING OURSELVES: discussion of body image & expectations for women & girls

27 REFLECTIONS ON ELECTIONS: discussion with Amee Vanderpool about women, politics, policy and making change

26 HUMAN TRAFFICKING - PART 2:  how human traffickers evade law enforcement, and how to get involved in prevention

25 HUMAN TRAFFICKING - PART 1:  what is human trafficking, and what are the common misconceptions

24 REBROADCAST: POLITICS, AGGRESSION, & WOMEN'S MALAISE: the impact of the election on women & silent suffering

23 THE GREAT MYTH OF UN AND FAMILY PLANNINGmisunderstanding of the work of UNFPA & implications of budget cuts

22 POST-TRUTH ERA AND POLITICS: evolution of post-truth politics and voter suppression & holding leaders accountable

21 LIVING IN CONFLICT ZONES: WOMEN, CHILDREN & SURVIVAL: plight of women & children living in conflict zones

20 TOXIC MASCULINITY & TEEN GIRLS: SLAM POETRY PERSPECTIVE: patriarchy, political turbulence and young girls

19 CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS & MISINFORMATION: discuss deceptive practices sometimes used by pro-life centers

18 PATRIARCHY, ELECTIONS, & A CONTINUING STRUGGLE: gender inequality, and a struggle against patriarchy

17 BECOMING A LIGHTHOUSE: MEN & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION: role of men in addressing domestic violence

16 NOT JUST BABY BLUES: POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: the shockingly common problem of postpartum depression

15 MARCH FOR SCIENCE, TRUTH & THE TIPPING POINT: persistent attack on science and the broader attack on facts

14 BODY IMAGE, FAT SHAMING, & LOVING OURSELVES: fat shaming, the thin ideal, and normalization of idealized perfect

13 WOMEN AND THE ALT-RIGHT: beliefs, ideology, and brief history of the Alt-Right movement and misogyny

12 LEAD, SOCIAL JUSTICE, & ENVIRONMENTAL RACISM: environmental degradation & disproportionate impacts

11 PATRIARCHY, PARENTING, & BOYS: importance and challenges of raising boys in a patriarchy, & understanding of privilege

10 POLITICS, AGGRESSION & WOMEN'S MALAISEthe impact of the election on women & trauma from toxic masculinity

9 ARE LITTLE GIRLS GETTING TOO SEXY?: discuss the sexualization an self-objectification of young girls, particularly in media

8 HAVE WE SOLVED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?: while there has been some progress, there are still high rates of domestic violence

7 WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A REFUGEE: how and why do people become refugees, & how do they survive

6 DEMYSTIFYING ISLAM: assumptions and popular misconceptions about Islam and current state of xenophobia

5 DEMYSTIFYING THE HIJAB: why do Muslim women wear the hijab, practice modesty, and why do we fear them

4 DEPICTION OF WOMEN ON REALITY TV: reality TV frequently shows women as being passive and weak

3 WOMEN'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON: interviews with women and men who participated in the Women's March