The 2016 election was historic, and had a historically controversial campaign season. Nearly all of the polls had Hillary Rodham Clinton the heavy favorite to become our first woman President. And then we held our election...

The election of Donald Trump, despite his crude, confrontational, and misogynistic style throws many questions onto the results of the election. Why did the polls get it so wrong? Were the polls bad? Were people not being truthful when they responded to polls, and they didn't intend to vote for Clinton but they indicated they were. If this is the case....why?

We heard quite a lot during the election season about the "likability" factor, especially with regard to Secretary Clinton. Many people indicated they didn't like her. Many said they didn't like her, but would vote for her. But what is in this word "likability"? Is this code for something much deeper?

In this podcast episode we discuss the idea of "likability" and what it means, particularly for women political candidates. I am joined by Dr. Taylor Hahn, an expert in politics and gender rhetoric, and we discuss some unique aspects of the 2016 election that might have contributed to the election of Donald Trump for the 45th President.