In my interview with Melanie Moore from the Union of Concerned Scientists, we discuss how the environment is in the crosshairs.

Starting on the campaign trail, Donald Trump made clear his position on environmental protection. He promised to get rid of the EPA “in almost every form”.

Once elected he held those promises. Trump’s proposed budget would slash the EPA by about 31%. Grants to states, as well as its air and water programs, would be cut by 30 percent. The massive Chesapeake Bay cleanup project would virtually be eliminated in the next fiscal year.

The budget proposes the discontinuation of federal funding for the clean up of abandoned industrial sites, the Clean Power Plan, climate change research and international climate change programs. Altogether, it calls for the elimination of more than 50 programs within the agency.

Richard Nixon actually started the EPA back in 1970. It grew out of a conflagration of issues such as the publishing of the book “A Silent Spring” which documented poisoning of the environment with pesticides, rise in what was termed smog in growing cities, and…the moon landing. When astronauts landed on the moon and sent back to earth pictures of the beautiful blue, peaceful and fragile planet, the responsibility for caring for our celestial home became apparent.