In this fascinating discussion, I talk with Dr. Paul Johnson from University of Pittsburgh about the Alt-Right, their beliefs and ideologies, and a brief history of how they started. 

The Alt-Right, is a general umbrella term for a set of right wing ideologies, groups, and individuals whose central belief is that white people, and most particularly white men, are under attack in our society by a system of multi-culturalism, and in their thinking political correctness gone out of control. The foundation of Alt-Right thinking is that white men have been displaced and emasculated by women and minorities, who are NOT equal to white men.

The Alt-Right movement has had significant success attracting social misfits who hear the message that if they are rejected by women, then it is not their fault, but it is the fault of our societal power structures which are systematically undermining the overall success of white men. They are the victims of an emasculating power struggle with women and minorities, which contributes to a bitter resentment toward both.