A writer for The Daily Telegraph summarized that post-truth politics are driven by fabricated rumors. Facts become a negative thing. Facts are too pessimistic or even get painted to be unpatriotic, especially when matched up with unrealistically ideal positive campaigns that promise the impossible. In post-truth politics, the improbable becomes irrelevant. Politics that appeal to emotions, and adhere to persuasive, market-tested talking points are more compelling than fact-based arguments or principles. When political figures are called out on falsehoods, alternative truths, or….lies, there can actually be a backlash effect whereby those supporting the political figure can push back against the elites with their fact-based logic, and dig in and become even more convinced of the alternative truth.

How did we get to this point? Major contributors include the 24 hour news cycle, infotainment, tabloidization of news, and social media and the internet. We are now able to establish our very own echo chambers where we only receive and share information with like-minded individuals. Information can enter the news stream through this echo chamber and truth becomes almost irrelevant as long as it supports your mutual viewpoint