I have a discussion with the incredibly talented Rebecca Blaine Carton about her independent short on harassment and catcalling, Smile. We talk about how this is an almost universal experience for women and girls, and how it is very difficult to avoid. We discuss the sense of shared experience we sometimes feel when we see another woman being harassed or another woman is our witness, but the same sense of powerlessness. These catcalls and harassment can often cross the boundary into feeling unsafe or even threatened.

Rebecca's independent short, called Smile, which was featured by Hollaback and Upworthy, takes a light-hearted look at one woman experiencing a catcall, and running through in her mind the various reactions that she could have to a man harassing her. We have an open and honest discussion about what led her to make this movie short, and the other projects that she has coming out. You won't want to miss my "behind the scenes" talk with Rebecca Blaine Carton.

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