In this episode, we discuss sexuality and "the talk," that uncomfortable imparting of information about sexuality to our children. But parents need to be aware of all the sources that children are using to get their information about sexuality, and a number of other sensitive topics that they might not come to parents about. We shouldn't think our children find us to be the only source for information, because we aren't. They are bombarded with potential sources of varying qualities, most readily being their peers. Parents want information sources to be accurate, with good information and no agenda, either political or commercial. My guest, Dr. Stephanie Loomis Pappas discusses an article she posted on her blog SnackDinner in reaction to a provocative article in Teen Vogue about helping to teach children to be critical consumers of information, including information on topics like sexuality. She has some great thoughts on how to start teaching young children to know who it is they are reading so when they get old enough to Google search, they can discern information from junk.