In this special episode, we discuss what was a bad week for the United States after facing several back-to-back tragedies including hurricanes and a mass shooting. We focus on four important policy changes that were very quietly implemented by the Trump administration over the last week while media attention was diverted to these tragedies. All of these policy changes are relevant and important to the health, safety, and rights of women, girls, and families. All of these policy changes will be damaging in some way, whether at a large or small scale, big or small dollar amount, to women and girls. The common thread of these policies seems to be that they take away agency of women - control of one's own body and the ability to make decisions that will impact you on a deeply and intimately personal level. Listen for my informative interview with Dr. Colleen Begley, an activist and OB/GYN, as we discuss and dispel mythology around contraception and what you should be doing right now to protect yourself from the potential impact of these policies.