At a time when we are becoming more acutely aware of the level of harassment endemic in American businesses, government, and the entertainment industry, we must pay particular attention to women working in technology fields. Some new research conducted by the non-profit organization Women Who Tech, revealed the full story of the level of harassment which is going on in tech industry. We need to encourage more women to enter technology fields, and play a part in the rapid growth and cutting edge developments. Women have something to add to this industry. But it is difficult for women to break into the field, and then to stay in the field because of an often hostile work environment as well as rather significant levels of sexual harassment. Because of the "brogrammer" atmosphere, women are being left out of this sector of the economy and limited in their potential for professional growth. Listen to our discussion with Justyn Hintze from Women Who Tech as we discussed their research on women in tech and the shocking level of harassment they face.