If you are interested in or concerned about human trafficking, this episode is a must listen. We are hearing more and more about human trafficking in the United States, including warning signs and who to contact if you suspect trafficking. What we do NOT hear about is what happens to women who have been trafficked and are able to move on from this imposed life. They escape sometimes with little more than their lives. A large number of the women suffer from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder, and often have co-occurring substance dependence. But we don't hear about the survivors and what they have to go through to rebuild their lives. Why is that?

In this episode we have a powerful discussion with Hope Jernagan, the Executive Director of Magdalene of St. Louis, and the Bravely company. We also hear the empowering story of recovery from Anika, who is a resident of Magdalene and an employee of Bravely. Our discussion with these two amazing women highlights the array of services that can successfully help women onto the path of recovery and support them as they get back on their feet, and as they use their recovery experience to help other women as well.